The Gift Barn Wax Warmer Gift Set With Melts & Tealights


A wonderful, compact and perfect gift for any special celebration or occasion. Wax warmers are used with scented wax melts and unscented tealights to create a beautiful ambiance in any space, The fragrance and mellow light from our Ceramic Warmers gives a wonderful sense of luxury to any home. Packaged in a beautiful rustic-luxury gift box for easy and beautiful gifting, A top seller! Bundle this Wax Warmer Gift Set with additional Refill Wax Melts from our collection for a an even more luxurious feel to your gifting.

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To use: place a piece (or two) of the scented wax melt on upper plate of the ceramic warmer. Place a lit up unscented tealight in the cavity of the warmer. Enjoy the beautiful scent. Read product guide enclosed in every box for instructions & care.


All our wax melts are 100% natural soy & beeswax.




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