The Gift Barn Wax Melts Refill 12/Pack – Teakwood & Mahogany


100% Natural Soy & Beeswax Wax Melts with a deep aromatic blend of cedar and oak wood, intertwined with mahogany, topped with hints of gentle lavender and flowery nuances of geranium. A warm, wonderful, everyday fragrance that captures the fresh, exotic aura of a green woody forest and instantly connects you to nature and tranquillity. Top-up your Wax-Melt Warmer with this refill pack. Wonderful for gifting with the Wax Warmer.

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For use with a wax melt warmer or burner. Melts are scented. Always use with unscented tealights.


All our wax melts are 100% natural soy & beeswax.




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