The Gift Barn Secret Citronella Double-Wick Scented Candle 230g


A distinct citrus and herbal blend of lemon-peel intertwined with lemongrass, camphor and citronella, on a soft powdery base. A classic summertime scent that is both refreshing and functional. Citronella is believed to secretly mask human scent in order to keep mosquitoes at bay when burned in immediate surrounding! Popularly an outdoor candle, it is also great for enhancing the ambience with an uplifting and light-hearted mood. A must-have for every home! Lovingly hand-poured in Kenya, using pure soy & beeswax and natural fragrance oils. Packaged in a beautiful rustic-luxury reusable gift box.

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Scented, double-wick, glass jar, natural bamboo lid natural, sisal handle, 40 hour burn time. Trim wicks to 1 quarter inch. Light both wicks. First burn should be 2 to 3 hours. Read candle care instructions.


Pure soy & beeswax, natural cotton wicks, premium fragrance oils




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