Fushi – Really good vitamin E oil


Skin Repair | 100% Plant derived Vitamin E
High 30000iµ strength, 100% pure, plant-derived, non-synthetic, non-GMO Vitamin E Oil d(a)-tocopherol, the natural form of Vitamin E is twice as potent as synthetic and far easier for the skin to absorb, with actual benefit towards skin repair.

Nourishing | Rasberry Oil
A nourishing, antioxidant & naturally Vitamin-E rich oil that protects the skin from damage.

Balancing | Jojoba Oil
A naturally hypoallergenic oil that is naturally rich in vitamin E and serves as an excellent moisturiser for the skin.

Skin Toning | Wheatgerm Oil
Naturally rich in plant vitamin E, the most repairing skin vitamin and necessary for skin regeneration and to improve uneven looking skin.

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